EXTRAVISTA FILM & TV  has been producing premium documentaries,  fea-
tures and fiction formats for TV and cinema for many years. With the support
of our experienced team of film authors and directors, we develop and realize
projects around the world.
Our film crews comprise internationally experienced film specialists.  Depend-
ing on the size and nature of our projects, we expand our team by drawing on
our network of experts in all the related areas.    For productions outside Ger-
many, we have cooperation partners across Europe, in Africa and internation-
In addition to TV and cinema projects,  EXTRAVISTA FILM & TV  has a long
track record in audio-visual projects developed and produced in the fields of
social marketing, education, PR and advertising, and industry.
Since our film specialists have co-operated on many projects in a variety of in-
ternational locations, they have gained a wealth of exceptional and fascinating
insights into their work. As a result, EXTRAVISTA FILM & TV can offer a wide
range of additional film services from consulting to film education and training
in film and audio-visual media.
Photo: Rolf Sakulowski